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Jeremy Peconom

Jeremy is a federally recognized California Indian, a member of the Susanville Indian Racheria, and a proud Mountain Maidu. He grew up learning traditional techniques of Indian artwork, gathering and manufacturing traditional tools, weapons, and jewelry from his father and grandfather, both respected elders of the Mountain Maidu tribe. Currently Jeremy is an active member of the native community as well as a singer, dancer, maker of pacific northwest Native American art , and public speaker. For 10 years he was a participant, organizer, and bear dancer in his tribe's annual Bear Dance. He takes pride in preserving his culture's past through his traditional art made with authentic  materials, creating custom pieces, and interpretive designs. He works closely with historical societies, museums, and public and private education, with an emphasis on Native American youth groups. He enjoys keeping his customs alive through his Native American art for sale and attending art exhibits.

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